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THE USUAL BUT BETTER the design of the 3D printed pastaRoberto Savio

The Shape of Pasta
In food manufacturing, there is an inherent duality of concepts that are closely interrelated and coexist: for example, nature and artifice, natural object and artificial object. This topic fits into a broader ecological issue, and the debate on techne, addressed in multiple historical-philosophical treatises, takes on a new flavor today and tells us something more about the relationship between man, nature, and what is contemporarily defined as design.
BluRhapsody by Barilla, a startup dedicated to 3D pasta printing, is one of the places where this wonder is manifested doubly: on one hand in the naturalness of the raw material (namely semolina, water, and salt) and on the other in the creativity of the shape (the “new” pasta), through the intervention of design and 3D manufacturing technology that transforms it.

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BluRhapsody by Barilla
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