More than an event. The Top Award is one of the most rewarding times for our company. From the first arrival of competing projects till the award ceremony event – every moment rises our enthusiasm.

For us, it is rather like harvest-time in a kitchen garden. After dedicating considerable effort to create special papers and cards, labels and self-adhesive materials to meet the needs of customers, fashion and technology, every 18 months we see the results of work through the entire value chain come back to us. In fact, Top Award is the only one in the world that rewards graphic designers, printers and customers together for the best applications using Fedrigoni products.

And so authors, graphic designers, publishers, printers, fashion houses and packagers develop projects. Working with Fedrigoni raw materials, using their capacities of machinery to deliver the product to be contained, presented to create quality artefacts. Love for work done well, no matter the project size, is the common denominator of all the entries we receive.

We clearly see attentive and intelligent use of resources. Smaller budgets in post-recession years stimulate the search for essential outlines and new approaches – often experimental in their blend of digital technologies and craftsmanship aspects – to achieve a refined form of simplicity.

The reason why our clients use, print and fold paper to accompany ideas and products, needs as regards the material are always the same: beauty and originality, technical perfection, availability. We have always done our best to accompany our clients’ projects. That said, our satisfaction is immense when we see the wonderful creations that all our talented contestants produce with Fedrigoni.