Fedrigoni Top Award is a worldwide competition with entries accepted from all countries. 

All you need to know to subscribe your project:


All entries must have been created using Fedrigoni specialty papers as well as Manter labels by Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives.  The Fedrigoni Top Award invites entries from Designers, Printers, Publishers and End Users using all printing techniques.


Projects are divided into the following categories:

  1. Publishing (category dedicated to Gianfranco Fedrigoni): books, volumes, magazines, art editions;
  2. Corporate Identity: brochures, product and service catalogues, financial statements, coordinated graphics, mailings, greetings and invitations, calendars, notebooks, diaries, giftware and stationery;
  3. Labels: labels for wine, spirits, gourmet foods (applied to containers) using the special Manter range;
  4. Packaging: boxes, cartons, shopping bags, counter displays, lined containers
  5. Special Category Mention Across all 4 categories: Printed in HP Indigo 

ATTENTION: Fedrigoni reserves the right to reject any entry at its sole determination. Works which are morally or ethically questionable, and/or offensive — whether intentionally or not — will be disqualified at the sole discretion of the Award team.


  • On-line entries must be received by 30 July 2020
  • The actual projects (no slides, no rendering, no photographic prints) must be received by 30 September 2020.

It’s obligatory to insert a title/description of the product, some technical production data and uploading of pertinent images (minimum one to maximum four photos). These photographs will then be published in special sections of the website www.fedrigonitopaward.com and will consequently be visible to the public at large.

A special section of the website gives the general public a chance to vote for their favourite projects. The project receiving the most likes in this “popular” vote, regardless of the final decisions of the Jury, will also be displayed together with the other award-winning projects in each category and visible on-line.

  • By 30 July 2020, the 5 members of the Jury will assess the uploaded projects through a secret ballot. Only projects receiving at least 2 votes out of 5 will proceed to the next stage.
  • By 4 September 2020 each participant will receive an e-mail notifying whether or not the submitted project has been approved.

If approved, you will be invited to complete the registration by filling out the form (attached to thee-mail) with personal/company data and details and all persons involved in the project (e.g. final customer, publisher, creative designer, printer) and then sending it by 30 September 2020 to Fedrigoni SpA – Marketing – Via Enrico Fermi, 13 – 37135 Verona / Italy together with:

  • at least 2 physical samples of the product. Products will not be returned;
  • brief notes explaining the project;

Products accepted and received will then be reviewed by the Jury during a meeting in person to assess projects before announcing the three best products in each category, complete with their final judgement.


The results of the Fedrigoni Top Award including the project achieving the best score in the on-line popular vote will be notified to interested parties via email and surface mail by December 2020.

The list of finalists with images of selected works will also be published on the official website by 29 January 2021. The final rankings will be available on the official website only on the day after the Award presentation in Spring 2021.

The announcement of the best projects will be made during the inauguration of the Exhibition in Spring 2021 to be held in Milan. The following persons will be invited to collect Awards as guests of Fedrigoni S.p.A. for travel, overnight stay and board for the Prize-Giving Day:

  • a representative of each customer company;
  • a representative of each creative company;
  • a representative of each printing (or stationery) company.
  • the designer of the project earning the most on-line votes.

Acceptance of Top Award General Regulation: 

On sending the documentation required to enter the Fedrigoni Top Award, participants:

  • accept and adhere unconditionally to all the terms and conditions defined in these Regulations;
  • declare under their sole liability that they have exclusive copyright for the projects in question. They also undertake to waive Fedrigoni SpA in the event of any disputes, claims or judgments relating to projects;
  • authorize Fedrigoni S.p.A. to use and disclose company data and project documentation for the purposes of total or partial publication in printed or digital formats, for any purpose whatsoever, even outside the scope of these Regulations, as well as for promotional and advertising purposes, provided that authors are mentioned.

ATTENTION: No compensation is envisaged for this authorization and inasmuch participants will have no claims, including copyright, for the use Fedrigoni S.p.A. may make of the foregoing documentation. Fedrigoni S.p.A. may not in any way be held liable for the use that third parties may make of photographs downloaded from the site;

  • accept that submitted material will not be returned;
  • will not hold Fedrigoni S.p.A. liable for any technical problems of as regards linking and/or uploading documents to the site www.fedrigonitopaward.com;
  • will not hold Fedrigoni S.p.A. liable for cancellation, postponement or modification of the Fedrigoni Top Award;
  • will not hold Fedrigoni S.p.A. liable for any theft, loss, delay or damage to works during transport;
  • are aware that Fedrigoni S.p.A. reserves every faculty to implement any variation that might be required for the best execution of the Fedrigoni Top Award, as well as any request for integration of materials received;
  • are informed that processing of the personal data provided will be based on the requirements of law and correctness ensuring full protection of the rights of participants and for the purposes of these Regulations. Participants will be able at any time to exercise the rights as per the European Regulation for the protection of personal data No. 2016/679/EU  (GDPR) and per the Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003 (access, correction, cancellation, opposition to processing of personal data) by sending a  written  request to Fedrigoni S.p.A. at it registered head offices in Via Enrico Fermi, 13/f – 37135 Verona/Italy.
  • agree that any dispute arising in relation to the Top Award should be subject to preliminary conciliation through Verona Chamber of Commerce. Such conciliation will take place in Verona. If such conciliation fails, the dispute will be referred to the Courts having jurisdiction.