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What Design Can Do 'Never Waste A Good Crisis'Zwaan Lenoir

What Design Can Do was initiated in 2011 by De Designpolitie together with a group of designers from various fields,
with the aim of promoting design as a tool for social impact.

The color that makes wdcd recognizable is yellow. So the book is printed on yellow paper in CMK, because printing yellow should be inane.
It is finished as a hardbound book, sewn with red thread, yellow head- and tailbands, a red bookmark and we only used Materica Terra Gialla 120 grs.

Title of the book is ‘Never waste a good crisis’
A short summary :

Landfills worldwide are growing by some 3 million tonnes of garbage every day.
All this waste is driving uw towards a climate crisis, and if we want to turn this ship around, we need to act fast.
Designers are in a unique position to change how things are made and what they are made of.
There are at least 31 ideas in this book, which celebrates the groundswell of creatives working to reset our relationship with waste.

Materica terra gialla 120