Winners Archive 2022

Giraffe BakeryZELENÁ LÚKA s.r.o.

Anniversary cook book contains over 60 recipies parallel with story of a local patisserie. The book celebrates its 10 years existence.

Cushioned board includes a spongy material to slightly inflate cover the same way a cookie or a dough does. Chosen paper adds a nice soft and elegant touch, yet with a bit oily savor.

The book comprises of 3 different sections, following bakery’s milestones. The papers divide it into 2 parts – past and present. Past shows baking beginnings with famous mom’s recipies, the starting point for bakery’s owner. Traditional recipes are printed on Arena Ivory Smooth giving them a vintage feeling. The rest goes on Arena Natural Smooth that gives more contemporary feeling, yet preserving natural pale effect.

Illustrative dividers were created for the book sections. Each consists of geometric abstraction of cakes included in the section. Design intention is to induce sweet and warm experience while preparing the best desserts in town.

Symbol freelife satin Premium White 150
Arena smooth Ivory 140
Arena smooth Natural 140