Winners Archive 2022

1st place

Sueño lo que soyXavi Carrión and La Bibliogràfica

I’ve spent time writing down what I dream of in an old notebook. But starting in March 2020, when those dreams started to become more intense and constant, I began to photograph them.
When I sleep, my mind becomes a collage of unpredictable images, meaningless stories that, of course, speak of me. In this personal project I try to decipher and dissect them, to understand that intense dialogue that many nights takes place in my cerebral cortex and that has to do with my experiences and emotions.
At first I just used the camera, but I soon realized that they couldn’t be explained with just an image. That’s when I decided that my project had to have more than two dimensions.
That’s when I turned the project into a box of dreams. A box that symbolized my head and in which there were different objects that spoke of them.
Definitely “Sueño lo que soy” is an oneiric experience in which reality and fantasy are mixed as in our own dreams.

Creative Communication
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