Winners Archive 2013

Wonderingsolo / Fine Arts Unternehmen / Grafiche Bazzi, Faenza Group / Second Place / so viele Leute springen immer…

The masterpiece of post-war German engineering and technology – the Bridge over the Ruhr Valley, with its head-spinning height of 1800 meters in concrete and steel creating an indecipherable, anxious tension that attracts and frightens at the same time – has become one of the places in Germany where there are more accidents and suicides than anywhere else. The book – in dramatic, intense black and white, images with cold lights and angular shots, as well as hard-hitting typography – relentlessly outlines the tragic stories that the bridge has inspired. Once in a while, bleakness makes sense.

Publishing Soft Cover
Sirio Black Black 350 g/m2 Arcoset 140 g/m2