Winners Archive 2022

Technology and product reference with metal cold transfer and NFC using the example of food and non-food packagingWDS Pertermann GmbH

The sample packaging was developed as an advertising medium by WDS Pertermann GmbH for customer acquisition. They are used in mailing campaigns and to illustrate consultations. The sample packaging is sent to potentiell custoumers joined by a cover letter so than four die-cutted sample sheets in four different designs.
Additional highlight is the integrated NFC chip which contains links to product properties and/or instructional videos offering helpful tips and tricks for print data preparation for metal cold transfer.
Aim of the mailing is to get potential customers excited about the advantages and possible uses of metal cold transfer and NFC technology. The versatile impression of the metal effect is supported by the selective use of different papers and structures.
(copies: 600 per paper type/grade)

Symbol card Premium White 300 g
Symbol Card Embossed E21 Silk 300 g
Symbol Card Embossed E33 Raster 300 g
Symbol Card Embossed E49 Country 300 g