Competing Projects 2025

Xmas La RiojaTSMGO | The show must go on

We endeavored to capture the essence of Christmas through Rioja Wine Spain with a unique Pop Up experience. Our aim was to create an immersive journey that unveils layers of meaning:

Embodying Artistry: Each element meticulously crafted to celebrate the art of manual work, emphasizing attention to detail and craftsmanship.
Creating Connection: Inviting participants to step into a world where they become part of the narrative, forging a personal connection with the festive spirit of Rioja Wine.

Leaving a Lasting Impression: Our intention was to ensure that every encounter with our Pop Up left an indelible memory, reflecting the core values cherished by the Consejo Regulador.

Fostering Interaction: We designed the experience to provoke interaction and engagement, transforming the traditional greeting into a dynamic and interactive celebration of Christmas and Rioja Wine.

Creative Communication
Fedrigoni Special Papers - Tintoretto Gesso 250gr
Rioja Wine Spain
TSMGO | The show must go on