Tomandesign / AAAD/ Akropolis / Typodesign / First Place / Jde O To Aby O Něco Šlo, Typograf Oldrich Hlavsa




Czech Republic

Paper Used

Freelife Vellum White 140 g/m2 Woodstock Grigio 110 g/m2


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The work of Czech typographer and designer Oldrich Hlavsa (1909-1995) is summarised in this monograph boasting nearly 600 pages. The curator and designer had to work with a huge amount of materials.. The great designer had often to rely on expedients that nonetheless defined his style – such as the easy-going use of colour and typographic overlays, the explosion of engravings and drawings, and the use of half-tones in photographs. This originality has been outlined in a publication with a wealth of content and iconographic material. The book opens nicely, the choice of fonts and large spaces in the layout together facilitate reading, and the printing keeps faith with the typographic work of the maestro