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Dry Red Wine Bottle LabelSunrise Printing

Swan Farm·Peacock is a strategic brand under the Australian Swan Wine Group. The oriental dance art created by the famous dance artist Ms. Yang Liping and the Australian wine master Ben Riggs collides with the passion of western wine culture.
Wine label printing adopts AL Foil Paper with metallic texture materials and cool colors, combined with local hot silver, silk screen crystal and matte effects and other fine post-printing additional processes, giving people a mysterious, refreshing, sweet a feeling of.
The material of the wine label is selected from the perspective of color reproduction, using aluminized coated paper (aluminum foil paper) and four-color printing with waterless offset printing, and the latter is embellished with traditional fine screen UV crystal, hot matte silver, and UV matte oil.
AL Foil Paper has good automatic labeling performance and basic moisture-proof function.