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Haskap - the drink of cosmonautStudio Tumpić/Prenc

Haskap or honeyberry is a fruit incredibly rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Originally from Siberia, this superfood can withstand temperatures as low as -47 °C in the winter, and was carried into space by Soviet cosmonauts due to its special properties. It was this fact that inspired us to showcase the astounding quality of the product through its use in an exquisite environment such as space. A pattern of stylized honeyberries decorates the entire area of the metallic label, which is visually reminiscent of space food packaging. Only when the bottle is turned around do we see the entirety of the idea – a zero gravity space capsule with a cosmonaut looking out into space through a window on the label. Once the bottle is emptied, the inside of the label reveals planets of various sizes used to visualize the amount of minerals present in 100 grams of haskap. Through a combination of all these elements, the bottle is transformed into a three-dimensional representation of the product.

Vacuum Metal Silver Lux FSC™
PP TC Matt