Winners Archive 2022

Discovering the microcosm of biodynamic winesStudio Tumpić/Prenc

Biodynamic wines, such as the Šuran wine, are made from grapes which have not been treated with chemicals, herbicides, or pesticides. The idea behind our label is based on the most important aspect of biodynamic agriculture – enriching the soil with natural preparations which greatly increase its microbiological activity. We chose to present this on our label through a cross section of the soil. In our design, microorganisms are represented by letters forming a text written by the Italian activist Carlo Petrini. In his quote, he instructs us to return to the ancient knowledge of communities that have produced food and lived in harmony with nature for millennia. We reduced the text size to a minimum, making it invisible to the naked eye. In order to point out its significance, a magnifying glass was built into the lid of a specially designed packaging. This way, the lid becomes a simple tool, inviting the consumer to interact and discover the hidden truths of biodynamic farming.

Paper of the box: FEDRIGONI, IMITLIN, 125 g, tela.

Imitlin Tela 125
Modi White Barrier