Winners Archive 2017

Studio Sonda / Vinski Podrum Buzet / Etikgraf / First Place / Piquentum Sv. Vital

The labels of this Istrian Malvasia wine started off from a brilliant idea that takes shape through refined production. The 12 spherical bosses have different dimensions indicating the monthly amount of rainfall for the vineyard in the year of production. Rainfall during the year has a clearly influence on the taste of the wine and when the various vintages are lined up they form like a graphical representation of precipitation trends.  This task even involved extremely accurate collaboration with the local Meteorological Institute, thereby making it possible to achieve a decorative impact of great refinement and distinction. The softness of the paper selected also helped maintain the three-dimensional character of the bosses even after gluing on to the bottle.

Cotone Bianco Ultra Ws 120 g/m2