Winners Archive 2022

VITA EyewearStudio Lord Z

Vita Eyewear has created a collection of glasses with materials used every day in jewelry: gold and silver.
The C-1 has a very classic and retro shape and it’s entirely realized in 925 silver and gold.
The graphic project created for Vita Eyewear was born to tell the brand in an unconventional way, as if it were a poster/brochure, on one side a large eye with a double pupil, symbol of vision, on the other all the main elements of the brand: the glasses, the logo, the mineral silver.
The graphics are inspired by the ophthalmological/scientific world and the optometric table, revisited with the continuous sequence of the pun “Eye Can See You”, the claim of this project.
The effect is elegant and impacting, printed in Silver and Black Pantone on X-Per Extra White, it shines as if it were real silver, in contrast with the tactile and icy feeling of the paper.

Creative Communication
X-per Premium White 140