Winners Archive 2017

Studio Giulia Garbin / Print About Me / Archivio Tipografico / Second Place / Tipi di Torino

A memoir dedicated to the grandeur, decline and rebirth of letterpress printing using movable type in Turin, inspired by the poetic fascination that this ancient world aroused in Giulia Garbin, a young graphic designer and artist.  Five stories about five people who have spent their lives amidst hand-presses, punches, lead type, engravings and paper in a book that could only have been printed with movable type – using a different font for each of the stories – thanks to the printing materials and close cooperation with the Turin Typographic Archive. Illustrated with enchanting engravings on linoleum by Garbin herself, the book reveals itself as a great delight for the eyes and hands.

Materica Terra Rossa 360 g/m2 Materica Gesso 180 g/m2