Winners Archive 2022

Horizon Verticalstudio Courte échelle

Horizon Vertical is a book-object based on the eponymous project led by Simon Leroux. The artist collects & draws windows and lampposts. The drawings function as micro-stories starting points, furthered by a layer of animations in augmented reality. Through delicate shifts, the drawings become both screen & surface for the infra-ordinary. Leporello with multiple entrances, the book was crafted as a nonlinear device that invites the spectator to invent his own path. When unfolded, the pages evoke facades, creating spaces with openings & punctuation. Using the Artivive app, the windows come to life within this little paper theater. Screenprinted on cretonne, the blue cover delimits the space of the grayscale narratives. Drawings inside are pigment-ink printed on Fedrigoni Old Mill White 250g/m2. The ink emanates from the paper fiber like a tattoo from the skin. Old Mill offers the perfect balance: discreet setting for the stories within, it brings its body & character to the project.

Old mill Bianco 250