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VIP Gift box and Corporate Brochure for Asian Games 2022Standpoint Design Co., Ltd.

We were approached by vivo to create a VIP giftbox for the 2022 Asian Games, which involved designing, producing, purchasing, and delivering to key stakeholders such as provincial sales representatives and corporate VPs.

The famous West Lake, the Grand Canal, Hangzhou is a city surrounded by water. These landmarks in Hangzhou are the inspiration for the creative concept. They are engraved on the silver memorial plate that is part of the gift box.

The vivo brand colour is blue, as are the water features in the gift box, so all the papers are blue. Sirio Color is a paper with good printability and a fresh look. Imitlin Tela gives the box a texture that exudes elegance. We have combined these finely finished papers with hot-stamped patterns. The cover of the brochure is made using the moire fringe technique, so that when the brochure is opened, the cover becomes a moving image.

This gift box is praised by those giving and receiving for its sophistication and harmony.

Fedrigoni Special Papers - Sirio color Iris 115
Fedrigoni Special Papers - Imitlin e/r05 tela Blu scuro 125
Fedrigoni Special Papers - Nettuno Blu Navy 360
Lihua Deng
Dongguan Yuejiayin Packaging Co., Ltd.