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Step by srl

Renato Cosimato is a young boy who decides to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps by dedicating his entire life to the wine, since he was a child he breathes the scents of the fermentation of the must in that small cellar at home, it is just when he begins to create his own line of wines that the passion becomes a real job. The label aims to tell his very story, the story of a boy who, step by step, manages to reach the top and enjoy the sunny landscape of his success. The facade of the home building is inspired by the famous De Chirico’s paintings, geometric shapes and clean colors create the logo, embellished by the glossy relief and hot foil. The label has two different superimposed materials, the first one is a paper support and the second is a cork one, the cork label shows the most important dates of factory, from the foundation to the creation of the first bottled products.

Materica Ultra WS FSC™
Cork Ultra WS