Winners Archive 2022

Bozzovich srl

The founder of the company Giuseppe Ocone, decided to create an Art Nouveau poster for the advertising of his wines, adopting an advertising graphic, exemplified by that artistic movement universally known as Art Nouveau, better known in Italy as Liberty Style or Floral Style. . The poster, created by the master Sergio Bozzovich, in the style of many other identifying and captivating representations used to advertise agricultural or industrial products in the early 1900s, makes use of an image that becomes, in this innovative form of communication and marketing, the dominant element, also with respect to the text, carrying out a precise aesthetic mission, dominated by the liberty female figure, sumptuous, pictorial and seductive, surrounded by a floral motif rendered in the soft and fluid lines typical of the chosen style. The poster became a label thanks to the creativity of the designer Annalisa Fusco.

Ipanema X-Dry WS FSC™