Competing Projects 2025

Cheongsam ParlorShanghai Xiaogong

Located in Shanghai’s Bund area, Cheongsam Parlor is a well-known customized cheongsam brand in Shanghai. Our studio designed its new LOGO and VI system. The logo graphic is based on a real architecture, Mr. Feng Jizhong’s Helou Pavilion, a Chinese Modern architecture icon. The font of the logo is customized, highlighting strength and resilience of Chinese women. After referring to a lot of historical documents such as letters, business cards and sample books of satin shops of the Republican period (1912-1949), we designed the brand applications with calligraphic characters to express the spirit of cheongsam. In terms of craftsmanship, we have combined several traditional Chinese papermaking techniques to make traditional rice paper that shows brand logo watermark. Chinese Woodblock printing and letterpress are also applied. Besides traditional Chinese rice paper, all other printed applications used Fedrigoni’s fine paper to present the brand in a professional yet aesthetic way.

Fedrigoni Special Papers - Old mill Avorio 300g
Fedrigoni Special Papers - Acquerello Camoscio 160g
Fedrigoni Special Papers - Nettuno Grigio 140g
Fedrigoni Special Papers - Nettuno Perla 140g
Fedrigoni Special Papers - Nettuno Panna 100g
Cheongsam Parlor
Cynde Sun, Peng Chuling, Li Zhiqian (3type)
Shanghai Yuge, Dongyang Jinxing