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Sustainable art paper bagWANACCESSORY

From the package to the product, WANACCESSORY continues the exploration of craftsmanship.
Fedrigoni’s special paper can always properly set off the high-level sense, fashion taste and aesthetic feeling of the product. When consumers receive a gift, the touch and appearance of Fedrigoni paper will further increase their impulse to open the package. Materica is a unique product, which restores the natural texture of pulp colored paperboard and increases the strength of paper. We are thinking, why not let the paper and bag have an interesting collision? So, we wash the paper and stick the microfiber material inside. A unique creative product is born! It combines exquisite technology, unique product design, high quality, and strap practicability. Every place opens the “endless” life cycle of the product!

Creative Communication
Materica Verdigris 120/250/360