Winners Archive 2022

Less footprint, more imprint Serafí Indústria Gràfica Publicitària, S.A.

Promotional pack for the company’s annual marketing campaign, where, in addition to congratulating the new year, the new corporate image and the new business line of sustainability and environmental respect that the company has adopted since the end of 2021 are presented.
Made entirely from recycled and certified materials, it consists of a rigid cardboard box lined with 2 different colored substrates: Materica Quartz and Terra Gialla.
Personalized for each client, it includes various elements inside that are also personalized. In addition, as a gift, it contains a glass bottle with the ingredients to cook a biscuit recipe at home from a prestigious Spanish chef.
The personalized printed promotional elements included in the box are the following:
– Two calendars, desktop and wall.
– A diptych label for the bottle.
– A small promotional brochure.
All printed elements have been produced at the Serafí facilities using HP Indigo technology and handled by hand.

Materica Quarz 180
Materica Quarz 360
Materica Terra Gialla 180
Arena rough Natural 140
Old mill Premium White 300
Materica Clay 360