Winners Archive 2022

3rd place

Please & Thank You CosmeticsSEA Design

Please & Thank You is a new luxury British soap brand using vegan, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free ingredients.
Conceived during the lockdown, the soap range is inspired by the UK’s natural habitats using British-sourced ingredients. The company supports hand hygiene for all, donating one bar for every bar it sells, to charities worldwide.
We were asked to develop a new name and creative identity for the brand, alongside a range of packaging which celebrates its use of authentic, sustainable British ingredients and highlights its eco-friendly values. Our aim was to widen its appeal to customers looking to make ethical choices.
Our brand identity is inspired by British good manners and quirky humour. We used the oak leaf, an iconic emblem of British nature, as a central, unifying motif for the brand. We chose a distinctly British typeface, Clarendon, to bring out the qualities of heritage and craftsmanship inherent in the brand.

United Kingdom
Brossulin XT Bianco E/R05 Tela 410gsm