Winners Archive 2022

ReflectionsSapienza Università di Roma

The design idea focused on representing the Gavina universe figuratively, trying to enhance the fundamental pillars of his personality. We tried to channel all the perspectives, influences and above all the passions of this entrepreneur. It is no coincidence that the choice of the white outline on a black background reflects the idea of a project, as a drawing: a prodrome of an idea that is about to be released. At the same time, the reference to kinetic art is clear, especially Man Ray’s productions. The result that was wanted to be achieved is precisely the combination of these two aspects, design and art, according to what are the prerogatives of the exhibition. It is therefore evident, the use of a reflection, as if these figures, extrapolated from the philosophy of Carlo Scarpa, moved into space. The concept maintains a formal elegance but seasoned with a veiled mystery, important in the involvement of the viewer, fuelling his curiosity.

Creative Communication
Lorenzo Bellini
Carlo Martino