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Revue MaisonRevue Maison

Maison is a collaborative revue that talks about intimacy and the concept of « home ». We have found that there is not a single thought of « home », and that the space of these thoughts is porous. While the forms houses take may change, there are as many definitions of “home” as there are buildings. Therefore, through several collaborations we invite you to discover the plurality of forms that the house takes and to take an inventory of what brings us back to it. The inventory of emotions, reminiscences, habits, charms; and thus build a benevolent, timeless, and comfortable space to talk to each other about our homes. Maison is a collection bringing together artists, craftsmen, illustrators, photographers, typographers, authors, architects, florists (…). With the desire to be a non-exhaustive catalog of unique visions of home. So, with this N°0, we begin to build together, a library of precious works, a common diary, on a universal and central subject: our house, our home.

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