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Inner Box (Packaging) for Solid Perfume by FourteenthPT. Kemasan Palu Gada (Packhaus)

Fourteenth (14th) is a solid perfume made for daily activities. The size of the product makes it very easy to carry everywhere – a solution for modern people, who like to use perfume wherever they go. Efficiency is paramount in producing the packaging. As the product has the advantage of being small, it is important that the outer packaging has to give a strong impression and be able to show what is promised inside. The all-black Sirio paper enhances the tactile quality, while the texture works well with blind emboss feature, enhancing the quality of this product. There are six variants with six different fragrances, marked with big numbers that were meticulously illustrated & uniquely designed to represent the scent of each variant. The numbers and the texts are hot-stamped with white foil to give contrast and send an effective & accurate message to customers, according to the governments’ law & regulations.

Sirio color Black 350