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#printproudmagzPrint-und Medienproduktion Hamburg GmbH // MedienSchiff BRuno

Yes, we makers of #printproudmagz dare to do something: we confess to a feeling. Even a particularly intense one: We love print!
The #printproud initiative introduces media makers who work with print products with heart and soul. Who are #printproud, like us. Because they believe in it! And because they know that print is much more than printed paper. In #printproudmagz we report on the fascination of printed media, on extraordinary concepts and productions, on a lot of enthusiasm and courage to be “different”, and we want to whet your appetite for a genre that makes a widely underestimated contribution to the concert of media. And we want to stimulate discussion on how print can be made even better. Because print is cool. And more modern than ever. #printproud is an offer to all publishers, managing directors and publishing directors, agency owners and managing directors, page makers as well as art directors, production managers, manufacturers and marketing managers.

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