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PORT 2021PORT-Magazin

Layer upon layer, level upon level, the projects of this year’s PORT come together. “Layers” is the starting point and the theme that the editorial team was addressing in experimental approaches in the development of this now 19th issue of PORT.
To get even closer to the theme of layers, the decision was made to use four different papers and two different formats. The magazine was not only printed in offset, but also featured a screen-printed cover. The ring binding now holds 220 pages together.
The PORT magazine is the inter-faculty magazine of the students of the Bauhaus-University Weimar. Every year selected works and their development process are published.
The editing and design of the magazine, which is published annually, were entirely in the hands of students. In the summer semester 2021, the PORT magazine will be developed by Eli Schories, Emelie Brockhaus and Jenny Nerlich, 3 students of Visual Communication.

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