Competing Projects 2025

Ricardo Bofill, the French years Pilote Paris

Recognized as an avant-garde creator, the architect Ricardo Bofill played a leading role in the development of new towns in France, from 1972 to 1985, with projects that were as striking as they were controversial. This true logbook constitutes an unprecedented file on his most emblematic projects. On the cover, the title recalls the pencil-drawn ground plans, as well the colors resonate with the buildings’ facades, giving the book a brick-looking appearance. Opening the book, the end papers are in the same shade. Following the story of the author, the layout was designed to give a clear understanding of the numerous testimonies. The chronology, like an Ariane’s thread, runs through the structure of the book. The two chosen fonts evoke both Bofill’s architecture and the journalistic tone of the writing. As the book is widely illustrated by sketches and drawings, we choose to use Arena paper because of its warm touch and its slightly cream tints, recalling sketchbooks’paper.

Fedrigoni Special Papers - Arena rough Natural 110
Fedrigoni Special Papers - Sirio color Cherry 100
Norma Éditions
Pilote Paris