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Drei Donà Tenuta La Palazza | Graf Noir / restyling etichettaPeculiar Design

Graf Noir is a tribute to the rigorous work of the Drei Donà family, to the passion for a rich and grateful land and to Graf Noir, the progenitor stallion of the family stud farm. Graf Noir represents and distils the essence of a unique terroir. Sangiovese, Cabernet Franc, Longanesi Grapes, Cabernet Sauvignon for a cuvée with an ageing capacity of 25 years and more. The restyling of this SKU is part of a broader project to redefine the winery’s product portfolio. For Graf Noir, the driver was to radicalise the choice of black, thereby enhancing the rarefied, noble, golden elements. Particular attention was paid to typographic quality. The Cotone Nero Felt paper was selected for its high grammage which makes this restyling sophisticated, reflecting all the value of this wine. The markings give matter, velvety and concrete, speaking of elegance and earthiness at the same time.

Cotone Ultra WS
Drei Donà Tenuta La Palazza
Elisa Martellucci + Christian Stoytchev
Orograf Srl