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Maternity Notes Card for Gynekologie Šťastnápapelote

Gynekologie Šťastná gave us a special task: create a Maternity Notes Card. MUDr. Šťastná shelved old cards – unsightly booklets full of ads. So, we have created a bespoke customised card reflecting the personal touch and first-class care. The Card is a fold-out envelope with an inner booklet. The rounded envelope resembles a pregnant belly; the inner part of the envelope is used to record personal data (milestones, first ultrasound, baby’s possible names, etc.). The first page features medical records and the second personal records and memories. “The Cards works well. I am happy I can offer my patients something fresh and less impersonal. I find them very easy to work with, and I think they contribute to a ‘mother friendly’ environment in my practice,” praises the MUDr Šťastná. “The papelote team have given it exactly the personal touch an official document can sustain. So, we only have one problem – most clients don’t want to hand it in at the maternity ward.”

Creative Communication
Czech Republic
Sirio color Nude 210