Winners Archive 2022

The Star Circle / Z hvězdy kruhPamátník národního písemnictví / Museum of Czech Literature

The Star Circle of the Most Beautiful Books from the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Switzerland exhibition presented the award winning books of five countries. The exhibition took place at the Star Summer Palace, the iconic renaissance building in Prague, held for the 55th anniversary of The Most Beautiful Czech Books competition, 16 July – 1 November 2020, and offered the audience an opportunity to enjoy beautiful books from five European countries, compare their approach to graphic design and production quality, or become absorbed in reading on the amphitheatre stairs. Since beauty develops over time, it is not an unquestionable value, and although it is one of the natural human needs, it as exploitable as an idea that masks perfect craftmanship. Martin Odehnal and Štěpán Malovec, the authors of graphic design, are playing with the shapes of six-point(ed) star, circle and opened books.

Czech Republic
Arena rough White 120