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Nejkrásnější. Nejkrásnější české knihy roku 2020, 56. ročník Památník národního písemnictví / Museum of Czech Literature

The Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and Museum of Czech Literature annually organise the Most Beautiful Czech Books of the Year (MBCBY) competition. The jurors assessed the graphic, printing and illustrative work of the books that were published and printed in the Czech Republic in the last calendar year.
The catalogue of the Most Beautiful Czech Books of the Year 2020 was designed by Martin Odehnal and Štěpán Malovec, who were also awarded in the category of catalogues in the previous year. The title „Nejkrásnější“ means „the Most Beautiful“. The concept plays with the topic of evaluation of beauty. The cover of the book imitates a mirror, where one can see what or who is the most beautiful. The catalogue also includes the selection of the pictures representing the wider idea of beauty, such as natural and cultural phenomena.
Published to mark the Most Beautiful Czech Books of the Year 2020 prize-giving ceremony on 8 September 2021.

Czech Republic
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