Winners Archive 2022

Special Mention

ImprovisationsOdilon Coutarel

Improvisations gathers a collection of photographs by Joël Alain Dervaux. Conceived by the graphic designer Odilon Coutarel, this book allows to consider appearances, disappearances, asserted and withheld presences as a response to the corpus to create a renewed reading of the photographer practice. The papers provide various degrees of transparency and translucency, some images are covered with a white veil, keeping them draped in white light, contrasting with others filter-free. The text acts as a thread is a poem by Valérie Fougeirol, interfering as a flow, running and repeating itself, where words arise and light up. The project is printed in offset by Escourbiac in Black+Pantone grey (images) and silver (text). The book of 166p+4p insert (facsimile of a contact sheet) is bound with visible stitching covered by a translucent dust jacket. The limited edition is presented in a handmade box with hot-stamped text, some words are light up in silver to echo the the layout of the book.

Pergamenata Bianco 110
Pergamenata Bianco 90
Arcoprint milk white 70
Arcoprint milk white 100
Arcoprint milk white 300
Splendorlux L/W Premium white 80
Materica Ardesia 120