Winners Archive 2022

FischmarktNovak Siebdruck

A photo of a simple fish stand in a market in Santiago de Chile became a 10-color screen print.
We have implemented this motif as a 4-color grid print + special colors and have also refined it with metallic shimmering colors and added a stronger contrast with high-coverage colors.
The refinements of the different bluish/silvery shiny fish scales appear very three-dimensional and give this motif a certain softness, despite the rather atypical photo motif. To contrast with the softness of the glossy colours, the rest of the stand was printed in high coverage bold colors to still capture the simplicity and therefore feel of this fish market.
A serigraph in 10 colors printedt by Novak Siebdruck, Berlin approx. 70 x 100 cm, edition 10
Artist Ulrich Schmidt-Novak

Creative Communication
Stucco tintoretto Gesso 320