Winners Archive 2022

Mulher: Coração da LiberdadeNova Gráfica de Amaral, Rodrigues, Resendes e Medeiros, LDA

As part of International Women’s Day, Letras Lavadas publishers and Nova Gráfica have joined forces to mark, as has been their habit, this important date with the production of “Mulher – Coração da Liberdade”, a book of poems written by 35 guest authors from all over Portugal and the United States of America, women and men, and from different generations.
This one-of-a-kind, 4 copies of “Mulher: Coração da Liberdade” was a book made to celebrate women and their strengh and resilience, in it’s 25×32 cm size closed (50×32 cm open), 80 pages and weighing 1,2 kg, it has a hard cover and a heart shape and received a Grand Prize of Graphic Inovation, in Portugal’s contest, Papies 2021, the “Grande Prémio de Inovação Gráfica”.

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