Winners Archive 2022


The poster has lost its hegemony over new media such as television, is once again against the wall. The reduction of spaces for free expression and the wide advance of social networks have modified our way of communicating in digital space and time: Will the poster end up abandoning paper?
However, companies and institutions renew their trust in this revitalized medium and consider an image essential for each action to be communicated. During these last twenty years, more posters have been designed than ever in the cultural and social sphere. The poster is one of the favorite pieces of design and illustration professionals, and despite its ephemeral nature, it represents the graphic memory of a society.
Having just presented Valencia as the World Capital of Design 2022, the exhibition shows a territorial overview with 600 posters of 222 authors from different generations, at the beginning of the century in which Valencian creativity enjoys the greatest prestige.

Creative Communication
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