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Asta Gröting: Das Wesen von X Video Works 1993 - 2023Nella Rieken

*Das Wesen von x (The Nature of x)* is the central theme of an exhibition by the same name at the Lindenau Museum in Altenburg, Germany. In recognition of the artist Asta Gröting’s work, the Lindenau-Museum-Altenburg awarded Asta Gröting the Gerhard Altenbourg Prize in 2023.

The catalogue features 30 years of her video works, a body of work that she has developed parallel to her sculptural oevre. The artist has been working closely with the designer Nella Rieken since over 10 years on a multitude of projects. The catalogue was designed in a natural dialogue between the designer and the artist. The paper choice for the book was based on the tactile experience and the quality of the paper uniting the varied video qualities to underline the non chronological editing of the contents.

The Catalogue was published with Spector Books in Leipzig.

Fedrigoni Special Papers - Arena smooth Ivory 140
Asta Gröting
Nella Rieken
Sportflieger Berlin