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In the Land of Monsters with Perfect DrivewaysNABA - Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Roma

Every day millions of women around the world are victims of domestic violence, and these are troubling numbers that cannot be ignored. Almost 40% of the women who are killed in the world are victims of their partners. The awareness of this data raising every day reflects ​​the project intent to display domestic violence through the ‘silence’ of a photographic story. Alongside each taken shoot, short fragments of rough sentences – extracts of interviews – testify women’s courage in telling their tragic situations. Stylistically, the choice of reporting phrases in a calligraphic way makes the concept of free rein, the photographs turned into blank pages for women who write by freeing themselves from the past. Many people do not have the ability to rationalize their situation, the project, therefore, aims to raise awareness on this issue and bring external people closer to the stories of women who have fought or are still struggling.

Andrea D'amico
Assunta Squitieri