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Mutterland’s Sprinkle Chocolate Mutterland

Mutterland’s Sprinkle Chocolate is available in 25 flavours and in the gold embossed royal green Fedrigoni packaging perfect as a nice gift. A wide range from white, milk and dark chocolate refined and sprinkled with selected goods such as nuts, fruits and spices make this handmade collection an indulgence for your taste buds and eyes. The Sprinkle Raspberry Fennel is a milk chocolate with 41% cocoa, refined with sweet fennel seeds that harmonise wonderfully with the sprinkled raspberries. Since we love it colourful we also created the Sprinkle Pumpkin Hazelnut – a delicious 38% milk chocolate getting a mild nutty flavour from the green pumpkin seed oil topped with crunchy roasted hazelnuts. Our Sprinkle Tonka Gold with 60% cocoa is refined with tonka bean, giving it wonderful notes of vanilla, almonds and liquorice. It is finally sprinkled with real gold leaves which go perfectly with the wonderful packaging.

Sirio color rough Royal green 350g