Winners Archive 2022

Cidade de Leiria Tamanho e DesenhoMunicípio de Leiria

A selection of 14 images from the exhibition is presented on Heróis de Angola Avenue, the images needed more “Size” in order to enjoy the “Draw” better.
Parallel to the tour, visitors may collect 14 postcards in 14 participating shops, completing a collection that allows free access to the Museum and making to the postcard archive box.
As a concept, all the papers have an identity and Leiria wants to tell her own history in this project.
The design and the choice of the natural and white papers had as inspiration the base of the drawings and the old cartographic studies.
The golden stamping with the low relief applied on the surface of the box and the satin ribbon, made this a valuable object as a “safe box” where the maps of the city are kept.

Tintoretto Gesso 350
Arena rough Natural 300