Winners Archive 2022

Older Than Love, Martina ZaninMelissa Pallini

Older Than Love takes the personal relationship of the artist with her father as the starting point, developing it through the metaphor of the hawk and its prey, creating a parallelism between animal and human aggression. The work addresses in a direct way the patriarchy, the psychological violence, the desire for manipulation and domination, and at the same time speak in a broader sense of fear, anger, and love, emphasizing that in every bond of attachment is inherent an element of aggression.
The publication translates the homonymous multimedia installation in the book format following the same structure. Different papers were used to recall the change between the various media that are photography, archive material, video and sound. The user can browse through the pages while listening to the audio collage, thus trying the same experience of being in front of the installation. The embossed cover and the visible staple of the binding are linked to aggression and the marks it leaves.

Materica Verdigris 360
Arena rough Natural 120
Symbol freelife satin Premium White 150
Woodstock Betulla 140