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The resurrection of Porto dos Santos MEGUSTA

“In the beginning was the Douro,
Enchanted valley predestined for divine wines.
In this paradise, the Dos Santos created a glorious Port.”

Porto Dos Santos was a famous Port house, but disappeared in the early 1930’s.

“But one man’s virtue is another man’s vice.
From its ashes, this phoenix rose anew.
Dos Santos believes in temptation.”

Megusta is resurrecting Dos Santos with a young entrepreneur around a powerful promise: to bless everyone’s temptations.

“The Douro has nine months of winter and three of hell,
Through endurance and patience comes exuberance,
Dos Santos believes in diversity.”

Inspired from its early flamboyant labels, Megusta has drawn a collection of rich and disruptive labels which showcase the tension between the pleasures and the virtue of lust, hedonism and possession. Rich and intriguing, each label is an invitation to enjoy the good things in life.

“Dos Santos believes that heaven can wait.”

Tintoretto WS FSC™