Winners Archive 2022

Angjusten Extra Virgin Olive OilMau Maria

Bringing the best of Portugal to the rest of the world. This was the challenge that made us develop a communication based on traditions, culture and the special nature of Portugal. The process began by choosing the ideal bottle to highlight this product, trying to choose a bottle that would convey tradition, history and exclusivity. The overlapping label, printed on different types of paper, reflects the different stages involved in the process of transforming olives into olive oil and the different layers of history that exist from the plantation to the final product. The use of gold leaf as a representation of the golden hue of the olive oil itself and the premium segment where this oil belongs. As the product is the result of the production of small producers who still use traditional methods, the photograph and signature of the person responsible for the olive groves and for extracting the oil is represented on the label as a tribute to the people who do not let this tradition die.

Tintoretto WS FSC™
Freelife Merida WS FSC™