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Coming HomeMakerie Studio

Coming Home is a client send-out, a well wish for the coming year and an acknowledgement of the special relationships we have we our clients. It is a folder comprised of 15 printed images and paper cuts, which can be framed or enjoyed like a book.

The content is a visual journey inwards, a vibrant and dramatic journey home – as told through the art direction of Alex Thomas Weaver, and written poem by Kimberley Bailey, illustrated with photographs by Luke Kirwan of a large 3D paper set built by Makerie Studio. Fedrigoni were our choice for papers and Mount Street Printers produced the slip band.

We wanted to create something truly heartfelt and collaborative, to show the power of partnership for 2022.

Creative Communication
United Kingdom
Sirio color Paglierino 290
Sirio color Flamingo 210
Tintoretto ceylon Curry 250
Sirio color Iris 210
Woodstock Cipria 285