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Hibiscus MahajádMaison Crivelli

Through his creations, Thibaud Crivelli, founder of Maison Crivelli, shares a memory of a time he discovered fragrance raw materials in an unexpected, ultra-sensorial way, and seeks to surprise you with creations unlike anything you’ve ever smelled before.

For the September 2021 launch of the collection’s first perfume extract (Hibiscus Mahajád), Maison Crivelli unveiled a new box design based on a strong duality between surprise and sensory experience, two pillars that are dear to the founder of the House.

This box is discovered one step at a time. A charcoal gray sleeve made of Old Mill Bianco paper presents Thibaud Crivelli’s inspiration for the fragrance, then slides off to reveal a box of the same color that has been hand-assembled and stamped with the House’s monogram. A white card embossed with a tone-on-tone hibiscus flower illustration provides an additional hint of elegance, before revealing the flamboyant perfume bottle.

An invitation to amaze all your senses.

Old mill Bianco 120
Old mill Bianco 350