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Iconology of Centennial Shanghai DesignLynn Lai Studio

The book presents 20 main lines of “Shanghai Design” stories and 50 entries.
The words “Shanghai Design in Images”, “Confluence”, “Advancement” and “Pioneering” on the cover and chapter pages The original “Song 2 Style” typeface design provided by the Shanghai Institute of Printing Technology is used on the cover and chapter pages. The line frame of the typeface design and the correction fluid have been preserved in the form of a transparent overlay.
A chronology of Shanghai design from 1843 to 2017 is shown at the beginning of the book as a historical background.
At the end of the book, there is an infographic design, which takes fonts, light industrial products, graphics and communication, business, and education as clues, and incorporates historical background and design events in a chronological manner.

Arena rough white 300
Arena rough natural 140
Arena smooth ivory 70
Old mill bianco 190
Golden star k extra white 80