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GRAND SEIKO Autumn window “The butterflies of Ginkgo Biloba”Luca Hugo Brucculeri - Ephemeral design studio

Seiko is a Japanese watchmaking brand, so for our project we look for inspiration in its culture.

During the autumn, in Japan the Momiji takes place, a celebration of the change of color of the leaves, and one of the most popular trees is the Ginkgo, the protagonist of our project.

For the design, we have been inspired by a legend that tells about the origin of this tree. According to the story, the Ginkgo saves a group of butterflies from being blown away by the wind, thus losing all their leaves, the butterflies in return, landed on their branches and became their new leaves forever.

For this project, we have chosen 5 different types of papers. The elements have also been designed with different shapes and sizes to represent their variety in nature and later they have been shaped one by one to give more life to the 2000 leaves and butterflies camouflaged in the branches of the tree.

Creative Communication
Sirio color Limone 140
Ispira Giallo Energia 150
Nettuno Pompelmo 140
Sirio pearl Aurum 125
Woodstock Giallo 170