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L'Ultim Adeu (The Last Goodbye)Lo Siento

It is an object with a very special content that the family burns or buries next to
their loved one to say their last goodbye with a poetic act. Inside the Last Farewell you will find the necessary
elements to leave in writing what has been left to express. The Last Farewell seeks to emotionally accompany the last moments of
farewell to a loved one: the burial and especially one of the acts, usually colder, such as the cremation service.

The pack has been designed with the paper: Fedrigoni Materica gesso 400gr , finished with die-cutting and dry punching, thus maintaining the original and pure nature of the object. The piece consists of a diptych box containing the necessary materials to leave the writings or dedications.

On the cover of the pack (sleeve) we have die-cut a fingerprint, in order to transmit the idea of “a personal mark”.

Materica Gesso 400gr